Anyone has a perfect IV bulbasaur?

No problemo!
Just got my first shiny! (the Mega looks so sick)


Awesome! How long did you take?

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Not even a hundred resets!
Though my attempt at shiny Honedge is being dragged out… found out I wasn’t applying te Masuda method

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Lucky ahahah nice one

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Yo that is sick! I honestly love D. Typhlo’s shiny. Synced it for Timid as well huh?

Shiny Honedge I can get you for free. Will be 6IV, but the nature will be in the drain kekw

AhahHa I am so happy. Got my first shiny delta as well after 1200 resets.


Congrats! The female looks awesome!

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Are you really offering it for free?

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