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Alternative Abilities?

Hello. I am relatively new to pokemon insurgence and these forums and yet i have an interesting dilemma.

You see, i intend to start a new game focusing on delta pokemon and using delta ralts as my starter (hopefully someone agrees to give me one to start my game with…) but one thing has always bugged me about the ralts line, specifically the megas.
Both Mega D. Gardevoire and Mega D. Gallade’s abilities are the exact same as their non-megas… and while their abilities are far from bad it just seems so anti-climactic to force them into their default abilities.
I was hoping to find a way to change their abilities by poking around in the code a little, unfortunately i know very little about programming and so i figured it might be a bad idea… The next idea was cheat engine but i havent had much luck there either.

TLDR: im wondering if anyone has a reliable way to change the abilities of Mega D. Gardevoir/Gallade.
I am hoping to change Gardevoirs into levitate as it seems fitting for its Alternative Sprites and to change Gallades into Tough claws as its the closest thing to ice-encased arm-blades that i could think of. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

the code is not open source, and trying to manipulate it is against the rules of the forum. please read the faq.

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This fails to follow a primary rule to the forum please go read them as it falls under hacking and data mining. Please read up on the rules before further interaction.

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