All these trade shops

Woah, all these shops! Can someone do something different from all the other shops at least?

@cow538 what do you have in mind?

  1. A battling league that has an entry fee and the winner gets half of the total entry fees.
  2. Pay IV stones to have pokemon EV trained
  3. A shiny hunter will hunt a pokemon of your choice for five hours for a price, no guarantee of a shiny

and other various ideas

Uh…you do know I have a sprite shop, right? I think that’s something different :stuck_out_tongue:

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I do, it’s just that every breeding shop offers the same deal …

you just want shinies to be cheaper :slight_smile:

No, Lesss is never going to change his offer. I’m just saying something more creative would be nice

Prices are similar, but not identical. There is reason to shop around and check out various stores.

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If you could mine PP ups, that would be something

Good idea…

Oh, the irony.

is that a pickup item?

Lol I’m the OG in this situation (other than you) and I completely changed my shop because others had the same exact offer.

You have to win it from the torren game corner


Nah, Fabiohimself and Trelorockas were the first people to set up shops like these. I was just the third.

@nate You can get them from both pick up and the game corner like Cow said.

It’s not like there’s a unique shop where people can request custom pokemon designs. Hmm…

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I actually decided to enter the market exactly because one of the main stores (you) changed your offerings completely.

Kinda wish The shiny hunting service is real but who here will have the time to do that? I would pay the man to hunt shinies for me

like what sleepy said if you want a shiny go get one. crying about not getting a shiny is only an excuse, all players have the same chance of getting one. only cry babies want more and offer no time and effort into getting one. :sob:

It can’t really happen. Unless you would outbid everybody or come very close, the only way to do it would be to lower the time limit to a point where odds are you wouldn’t get a shiny. Otherwise the chance isn’t worth it. I mean, if I could get 10-15 IV stones worth, why would I risk having to give it away for 1-2 stones.