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After beating infernal cult , what

what do i have to do after beating inferal cult xp i tried going to gaen but i needed rock climb and i tried going to the city over midna or something like that and rock climbing so what do i have to do

Go to the darkrai cultist base.

dude you are awesome once trade servers are alive again i give u 2 iv stones freely just for being the one answering my doubts in the past the present and the future uwu

That sounds like communism so I’m cool with that

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how the heck i climb the mini mountain in shade forest to get to the base xD

There should be stairs to the left.

Huh, that’s odd? Maybe you should try to patch the game unless I’m forgetting something

i downloaded 1.2 version and then the patch of your link to 1.2.1 .w. so maybe wrong forest or it needs an activation event?

Try to update it to 1.2.2 maybe

Links are in this thread

nothing yet

Huh, odd. Sorry, I might be forgetting something.

the darkrai cult base is north of telnor town isnt it?

Yeah, from your screenshot I see you’re at the correct place.

weird i think i may ask in the discord but idk if anybody will listen to me xp anyway seeya tomorrow

I have the same problem :confused:

Did those of you having this problem run into Malde at Narra Town before going to Shade Forest?

I think there might’ve been a misunderstanding. I thought we were supposed to go to the shade forest after reading this, but apparently before that, we need to go somewhere else. There’s a solution at the end of this video.

i asked on discord and i saw i had to heart swap with a manaphy statue nwn problem solved at least that one

There is a Manaphy statue in the ice town