A miraculous (?) solution to Mac's mute music

Hi guys, I’ve been quite annoyed with the mute music on the mac while playing pokemon Insurgence. But last Saturday I was looking at the files (since I was bored) and came across the audio file. I then realised the cause of the mute music - mac can’t read mid and midi files. So since I have a lot of time (?) I decided to convert all into wav. files through musescore. And guess what, it worked!


    1. Download the zip file through the link provided above.
    1. Extract the ‘Audio file’ from the zip file.
    1. Go to Pokemon Insurgence -> Show package contents -> drive_c and replace the audio file. (And just in case anything went wrong, I suggest you to copy the original audio file and save it somewhere in your computer.)
    1. After replacing the ‘Audio’ file, play the game (I use Porting Kit to do this.).
  • 5.Enjoy!


  • Some files remained as mp3 files - don’t worry, mac can read those.
  • The blank.mid wasn’t converted into wav since there is nothing inside.
  • Main_Menu.midi wasn’t converted as musescore cannot read the file.
  • Some Pokemon cries (From Audio -> SE) Cannot be converted as they are set as ogg files (I’m using chrome) and cannot be read. They remained mute for me.
  • Some aspects in the game don’t have its own BGM (I guess.). Such as wild pokemon battles (Which plays the music of the particular route) and surfing (which remains mute).

Lastly, I’m not a computer expert, so I probably have no solutions if anything happened wrong for you. I can attempt to solve it but please don’t expect me to come with anything good. But if you do encounter some problems, please post it here and see if anyone in this community can help!

We already knew about the .mid problem. But .wav increased the size of the game by almost 10 times the original size. We have already made a solution that fixes the muted music and lowers the total game size for 1.2. I appreciate you trying to help the community but make sure you understand that all that music in .wav means a MUCH bigger game size overall.

Unfortunately, that solution didn’t work for me, so that’s why I converted them into wav files.

I didnt give a “solution” persay, im trying to tell you and anyone reading this page the problems of using the .wav solution, which is huge file size. Believe me, I’m the mac user dev who spent the time to fix this issue for 1.2, i already know what caused the bug, why a mac cant read them, and how to fix t. It’s already fixed properly for 1.2 so for now this is a good temporary fix if you have extra space on your computer to spare for almost 1 GB for a 300MB game :stuck_out_tongue:

Makes sense.