A bunch of ideas

  1. A way to obtain multiple delta pokemon, at least for ones with branched evolution lines (delta ralts --> delta gardevoir or delta gallade, delta snorunt --> delta glalie or delta froslass)
  2. Have there be a way/an easier way to import custom eggs from the egg generator into an existing play through (buy them from the day care for a high price, takes much longer to hatch than regular eggs, etc)
  3. Some kind of a tutorial on how to use the egg generator
  4. Mega Delta Glalie, ability: Meteor Shower (weather, deals high damage to all pokemon except for fire, ground, and rock types)
  5. Delta Tangela/Tangrowth: ability: Medusa Stare (turns all pokemon in battle except Delta Tangela/Tangrowth into rock types and lowers their speed, has no effect if mirror coat or reflect is in battle (seeing Medusa's reflection won't turn them to stone)), appearance: vines become purple and ekans-like, typing: poison/ground (poison: snakes, ground: STAB super-effective against rock types)
  6. Mega Ninjask: bug/ground (like nincada) ability: Speed Blast (similar to speed boost, but it alternates between boosting attack and speed) and Mega Shedinja: ghost type (the ghost inside the shed skin comes out and loses his bug weakness) ability: Ultimate Guard (like wonder guard, but it also prevents any damaging status effects (burn, poison, leech seed, spikes, sandstorm, hail, etc) (normal Shedinja can't take advantage of his ability with these) but it also briefly lowers s-attack and speed (like Slow Start))
  1. I do remember seeing somewhere on the forums that Suze mentioned that he was thinking about adding another way to get delta ralts. Not sure if confirmed though
  2. I feel like that would defeat the randomness of the egglocke though. Of course, you could just write your own text file, but unfortunately egglocke seems to break 90% of the time when trying to do it on this patch.
  3. This could be a thing once it actually works correctly, because you don’t have to be a dev to make those tutorials, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t right now.
  4. Mega Delta Glalie has been confirmed, on EchoTheThird’s stream. The ability has not been revealed (I had to leave during that time but I’m pretty sure it was just the spriting of it). I feel like New Moon is the only new weather we need, having 5 different weather types sounds like too many. Also “high damage” isn’t really descriptive and I feel like this would be too weak, rain teams would demolish, unless it did unreasonable amounts of damage.
    5/6. Delta Tangela sounds like a neat idea, although spriting all those snakes sounds like a pain. The ability is cool and all but “all pokemon in battle” sounds overpowered, unless you mean like intimidate. Still, permanently changing a type is pretty strong without using a move. They lose STAB and become weak to your STAB earthquake. Mega Ninjask sounds pretty broken, alternating between sub and protect is already annoying, without the attack boost. Mega Shedinja on the other hand is so counterable with the 1 hp, any dark move (pretty damn common since knock off is so useful) kills it instantly. Would not use a mega slot for that.