Delta Kanto Fossils (with images)

Delta Kabuto/Kabutops

Type: Steel/Bug

Ability: Hard Drive (uses Genesect's Drives to change Normal-type moves to the corresponding type [Burn Drive -> Fire-type, Chill Drive -> Ice-type], does nothing if not equipped with a drive)

Inspiration: Given that Kabutops and Genesect have similar body shapes and come from a similar time (300 million years ago), fans speculate that Genesect is a Cyborg Kabutops, so having the Delta be based on Genesect would be fitting.


Delta Omanyte/Omastar

Type: Normal

Ability: Multitype (Arceus signature ability)

Inspiration: All Hail the Helix Fossil


Delta Aerodactyl

Type: Ghost/Poison

Abiltiy: Famine (causes all pokemon in battle (including allies in double battles) to eat held berries, even if they don't need to, berries can not be recovered with Recycle or Harvest, also removes the effects of Leftovers)

Inspiration: There was a popular fan-made hack of Pokemon Ruby called Pokemon Snakewood, which involved a zombie invasion made by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in the Hoenn region. I won't go too in depth, but all you need to know is that one of the Four Horsemen, Famine, summons a demon, which is a shiny Aerodactyl, to stop the player. So, a hunger demon Aerodactyl would be pretty cool and a very good reference to this game.

Delta Mega Aerodactyl

Type: Ghost/Poison

Ability: Final Countdown (applies the effect of Perish Song to all opposing pokemon, however they can't be trapped in battle [shadow tag, mean look, block, ingrain, etc])

Inspiration: Delta Aerodactyl's Mega Evolution pretty much fuses Delta Aerodactyl with a number of the fakemon in Pokemon Snakewood

  • The two tails - Faceleech
  • Ice spikes - Luca Zamon
  • Black smoke wings and solid red eyes - Shaderu
  • Floating orbs - Madios
  • Lenses and cables on wings - X32763

In my opinion the delta kabuto and omanyte were too simple to be a delta. You just basically made a fusion of omanyte/arceus and kabuto/genesect. The delta aerodactyl has a cool concept but there are some changes that need to be made:

Delta Areodactyl: Make the body parts blend in more by choosing more realistic colors to the pokemon. Really the only thing with this problem is the face because the eyes and teeth stand out too much. Also maybe a little more creativity with expressing the ghost/poison type? Right now it just looks like a recolor and there’s nothing expressing the poison typing. Try adding a part or two that makes it less of a recolor, and more of a delta.

Mega Delta Areodactyl: The added parts make it look like a big mess. 1) The parts don’t resemble the typing at all. 2) The parts aren’t needed for the mega. And 3) The parts look like they aren’t connected to the pokemon. If you look at the tail for example, it kind of looks like it’s behind the body and not attached due to the colors and the shading.

Sorry if it seems I am just putting down your art I really do like it and I just want to make it even better. If you put in the time I believe you can make a great delta so good luck!

Yes, I do realize the kabuto and omanyte lines are fusions. I didn't know that a delta couldn't be a fusion until after I made them, but I still wanted to post my work.

Do you have any recommendations to make the Aerodactyl more delta-like? Should I make the wings smokey like the mega?

What about the mega? Should I take some of the fakemon modifications out? Should I try to make them blend some more?

Also, ignoring what it looks like, would this be a good delta/mega, just based on typing and ability? I haven't been the best at making up new pokemon/deltas/megas because the ones I come up with tend to be either stupidly overpowered (check my mega ninjask [here]) or underpowered (check the mega shedinja on the same page)

For delta areodactyl, try to look at other poison type pokemon and identify what makes you think they are poison type when you look at them. Then brainstorm what you could do for your delta. For the mega I would say take out the fakemon additions entirely. A mega pokemon is supposed to be enhancing one pokemon, not combining many. Also try to work on the mega after you have completely finished the non-mega. That way you know what direction it’s going in. And I think battling and abilities of deltas comes after the fact. The point of it is to be creative and have fun, if you want a different type make a it different type. It’s your choice. Hope this helps!