A Bibarel has ended my Nuzlocke (Probably)

I got trapped by the Bibarel glitch, and was doing a Nuzlocke of the game. I saved in the house, hoping that by F12’ing, it would reset the Bibarel’s position, but no. I don’t have the ability to go to previous saves, and I can’t kill all my Pokemon to white out, because that would end the Nuzlocke. Is there a miraculous way I can get out of this purgatory, or have my Zekrom, Yveltal, Shaymin, and Arceus all been triumphed by a Bidoof masquerading as a Bibarel?

The bibarel glitch? Could you please clarify?

There’s a house in Oranos Town with a Bibarel in it. It walks around the house like a lot of Pokemon NPCs do in other houses in the game. The Bibarel will sometimes walk in front of the entrance/exit of the house, and promptly gets stuck in that position, and never moves out of the way. The only way to get out of the house is to constantly encounter the TV Rotoms and have them KO all your Pokemon, promptly whiting you out and sending you to a Pokemon Center. The problem for me is that I’m doing a Nuzlocke of the game, and to do that would be to end the Nuzlocke. I can’t leave the house without ending the challenge, essentially. Whether I stop playing or decide to White Out, its over. So I was wondering if there’s another way to do this. There’s another post in the forums that deals with this same problem, but they weren’t doing a Nuzlocke, Refreshing the map doesn’t work either, so if there is some miraculous way to move this Bibarel, I would appreciate it.

Refreshing the map was a feature removed in 1.2.0 and beyond, though the keybind is still in the options. If you haven’t saved 3 times already, you can revert to a backup save.

A guide to do so is here:

That works very well! Thank you!