Zygarde (spoiler?)

Was, was I supposed to catch Zygarde when we met up with Taen on Dragon Ruins, was that what I was supposed to do, pls tell me there’s another story line for Zygarde, i cant believe i did that, i cant even load a backup cuz I did this yesterday? two days ago??? and just realized, ,does anyone not want their zygarde and would be willing to trade? i feel like an idiot lmao i cant believe it did not register, in my head, that that wasnt a trainer battle

Tfw I had the same exact experience

I’m in the battle but the only status move i have is Thunder Wave, which for obvious reasons won’t work on him, and trying to catch him is insanely unoroductive - I’m on my 3rd soft reset, and he’s on 1 HP. I’d rather faint him, finish the story and come back with someone who knows yawn, but if he doesn’t respawn then I guess I have to just keep going… So does he respawn if your beat him at the Ruins?

EDIT Make that 4 Soft Resets…

I mean, you’re asking the person who OH-KO’d him lol, but no, as of yet I haven’t found any evidence nor have I heard any rumors that there is another encounter for Zygarde.

Yeah I got given the invaluable piece of info that Heavy Balls are the main way to catch him. I don’t know how 1 Heavy Ball caught him when 250 Ultra Balls didn’t but hey, at least I’m passed it.

To each their own, i was able to catch him 7 different times consecutively, when nature hunting him, less then 30 ultra balls per reset. But when i was hunting latios, he fucking ate up my balls (lol) and gave up trying to get a modest/timid nature and settled for him being a special wall. Its all rng.

Well there you go, a brilliant example of entropy. I used a Catch Rate Calculator and apparently there was a 95% chance of catching him within 49 Ultra Balls. So to get around 250 consecutive fails is actually quite an impressive, if frustrating, run of probability