Zorua Learning Punishement in Egglocke

So, verytime I try to hatch a Zorua and when it tries to learn Punishement, it will break the game, no matter I decide to teach it or not. The game will crash and I have to hatch it again. Please help me.

You might have made some slight mistakes making the zorua. But otherwise, the egglocke is general is buggy.

Aww… I really wanted to use my Zorua…How is a mistake made btw? I though the egg generator is forced to use legit moves?

The time you copy-paste the list to a single file, you may delete or add something w/o noticing doing so.

it might be a mistake in moves code… so this is an example of how it should look: 570,“Zorua”,93,0,Female,Adamant,31,31,31,31,31,31,311,453,26,25,-1,-1,

Every Detail of the code matters or it will glitch the egg making the game crash when it hatches.

i think i’ve figured out why it crashes when a new move is learned, every egg you generate MUST have 4 moves, in this case 311,453,26,25,-1,-1, you can repeat the moves, as in 311,311,311,311,-1,-1, but there must be 4 and two ,-1,-1, at the end, ALWAYS or it will glitch and crash whenever a new move is learned :slight_smile: this applys to every egg, not just Zorua

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

Is there a way to fix this? Also, It only happens when I learn Punishment, other moves are okay.

when i tested this out, it happened on the 1st move gained through leveling, every time. Are you doing randomly generated or a custom list? if its randomly generated it really buggy atm, most players crash before it even loads up and you can’t really do anything about it, if you’re doing a modified list it can be fixed, but eather way you’ll have to start over, so the “new eggs” spawn

I’m doing a custom list, but I’m really far in the game, so I’ll just not use it