Zeta Omicron or Insurgence

I am not sure if this is the correct section for this topic but im also not sure whether the info ill write below is 100% accurate. I read that Insurgence creators are the same guys behind Zeta and Omicron. If this is true my question is:

Why play Zeta/Omicron when you can play Insurgence? isnt Insurgence simply better? thank you in advance.

Insurgence isn’t finished yet. Otherwise, your statement is correct

In general, right now Zeta and Omicron have a lot more content.

Because they’re different games.

While Insurgence is much more polished, it’s also incomplete, and doesn’t have any sort of real in game facility (like a Battle Tower) to occupy yourself once you reach the end of the demo, which limits you to pastimes such as Shiny Hunting, Competitive Breeding, and attempted Pokedex completion.

Zeta and Omicron, while older, and thus, done with a bit less finesse, contains, quite frankly, a metric s**t-ton of content. Delta’s may not have as imaginative designs, and the game overall feels quite a bit more simple than Insurgence, but I’m not bashing it. It’s a positively amazing game that can easily keep you busy for a good few months before reaching the end of the game. And the fact that it is complete, which means that you can do absolutely everything in the game, from Pokedex completion to trying to defeat the entire Phoenix Lota (Battle Frontier).

Each are there own games, really, so there’s no reason to play one of the other, other than, of course, the fact that Z/O are complete, while Insurgence is not. That’s like asking if there’s a reason to still play Firered/Leafgreen now that X/Y are out (a little dated, ignore that). Zeta/Omicron are their own games, almost nothing like Insurgence, so really, play both.