Your Shiny Trash Bin (Operated by yours truly)

Trading Name: Akichu

Offer: Legends/Bredmon/Maybe shinies/Pokerus/Mega Stones/Items/etc.

Request: Unevolved Shinies

Further info: Im desperate, I will give anything I can get for you

Would a shiny Floette count?

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what would you be willing to trade for these two?


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What would you want?

preferably shinies, but you name it

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What else would you accept for them, besides shinies

for the mudkip probably 4-5 IV stones, and the elekid is just the shinies

Yes, What do you want for it?

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It’s nothing special, so I’d take a bredmon for it.

@Sbeve I’ll farm the iv stones now, won’t take long, but I can’t really offer for shiny d elekid

What bredmon?

Can you do Delta Feebas?

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Cool, thanks! One last request, could it be Bold? If not, that’s cool, just wondering

I’ll try my best!

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Hey Aki! I can give you a shiny woobat for free. But I may need mons for the dez and would you be willing to do that??

Sure what mons do you need

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Idk but I will lyk when I need somethin.


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Fire, just msg me when ur ready!

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