Your iv stones,my bredmons

Trading Name: Trollmaster2111
TLDR: Use smogon to see what set a pokemon may have. The ivs are perfect or near perfect on every mon.Ask questions below if you are confused. Also one more thing. I can do custom orders but be warned that it will take longer.

Offer: Greetings I can offer the following pokemon.The following pokes I can breed with perfect or near perfect ivs(near perfect means lacking the unused stat as a 31 iv) in a speedy manner depending on my luck.
All Genderless Pokemon(Popular ones stem from starmie,beldum,or porygon)
All male only pokemon(Popular pokes stem from Nidoran,Hitmons,and Rufflet)
Generation 1 Starter Pokemon(All have optimal egg moves and Bulbasaur has hidden power ivs. Only optimal egg move bulba lacks is leech seed)
Generation 2 Starter Pokemon(Cyndaquil has hidden power grass ivs and optimal egg moves.The other two possess optimal egg moves)
Generation 3 Starter Pokemon(Treecko has hidden power fire ivs)
(Im aiming on getting the rest of the starters so far I only have chimchar completed)
Ill just send the rest of the box.Screenshot_70 Screenshot_69 Screenshot_68
Heracross isnt completed
To check a pokemons egg move or if it has a hp set or not use smogon as a referencee. If u wanna ask about a poke u can reply below or text me on discord(referenced below)
Request: 1 iv stone for regular bredmons and 2 iv stones for hidden power mons

Further info: You can text me on discord @Dead Meme#2150

Hey troll I’m willing to trade one of stone for a breedmon. Maybe eevee 6x31?

I have a hidden ice eevee available if u want that instead. But I can breed a 6x31 eevee but that would take a lil longer. What nature do u want on it?

Actually the 6x31 eevee might take a lil less longer than i anticipated now that i checked my box. Ima just need u to inform me of the nature u want

Probably the best nature for a mega eevee

Best nature huh that depends on you though. May I ask what moveset you want on mega eevee so I can determine the nature that I should breed?

Though im feeling most would prefer a timid mega eevee. Unless you are trying to utilize flareon,umbreon,or leafeon when you are using it.

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