You guys spoiled Pokemon for me

I got ORAS the other day because I finally got a 3DS, but after playing ZO and Insurgence, I realized I just wasted $40.

Comparatively, ORAS is inferior in almost every way, except graphical fidelity which I don’t really care about. I got to Slateport city in ~20 minutes, stopped, and thought to myself, “Holy crap this is the worst Pokemon game I have ever played.” Haven’t touched it since. It’s just a kiddie game now.

You guys better keep developing this game. It’s your responsibility now that you have taken my Pokemon virginity.

Dude continue playing, ORAS has a rather enjoyable late game.

I dont think he meant spoiling like story spoiler. Im sure he meant the fanmade games are much better then the official ones and he cant enjoy the official ones anymore after playing ZO/Insurgence.

But i disagree. I stopped playing Pokemon on consoles after Diamond/Pearl and played Black/White on an emulator. I’ve found out about Insurgence and played the first time since years a pokemon game again. After beating the story i tried out Z/O but couldnt really enjoy it after playing Insurgence. So i bought a 2DS with the 20th anniversary with Pokemon Omega Ruby. Yes the story might not be the best in ORAS but the post game content is great.

Battle Resort, Legendary shiny hunting, shiny hunting in general and for me the biggest part: VGC 2016 on Battlespot. The last 4 weeks i’ve been straight playing pokemon ORAS 6-10h a day breeding and online battling.

Yes Insurgence is great and i cant wait for the new update but the official games are still great imo.

The thing I like about Insurgence MORE then it being genuinely tough, unlike pokemon where even the Elite Four can be steamrolled.

Is that it is ultimately fair. None of this “Event only, we hope you aren’t done the game by now” gribbage! Pokémon out of date? Well here you go it is in the game. What? Your pokemon has a lousy ability that ruins them completely? Well here you go, change it.

Normal Pokémon games just kind of take longer to achieve less…

As for the story… I consider them about equals. I am probably one of the few people who isn’t blown away by Insurgence’s story (Honestly one twist evaded me because “Wow, the twist is SO obvious it must be an anti-twist!”) but then again Pokémon’s story tends to be even more basic.

Insurgence has added features that we all would love in the actual Pokemon games, but I don’t think it should spoil you too much. (Well it didn’t to me.) Sure. There’s that great speed up button and IV stones and things that make Insurgence that much better, but did you enjoy the other Pokemon games before you found Insurgence? I sometimes do forget a lot of fan games don’t have the speed up button, but that’s what makes Insurgence such a great game. I actually don’t know what I even just posted. FeelsAprilFoolsMan.

main game is kinda boring and easy up until when you get groudon or kyogre then it gets kinda interesting… i love the delta episode though lol (I NEED MORE OF IT)