Yet Another Nickname Thread

I love thinking up nicknames for my Pokémon, it’s one of my favorite things to do ever since I started playing Pokémon Red back in the late 90s. And with a whole slew of cool Delta Pokémon for Insurgence, I loved coming up with names for everyone of them, and I love hearing everyone else’s ideas too! (So I can steal them for my playthrough, I’m sorry! Lol).

Hope everyone shares theirs too, here’s a few of mine:

Neo - Mega Eevee. Anagram for “One”, and also anagram for “Eon”. He’s my first starter, and since he has all the -Eon evolutions within him, I thought I’d name him Eon at first. But the Neo/Matrix connection was too good to pass up, so I changed it to that

Vesper - Delta Volcarona. Named after Vesper Lynd, the femme fatale character of Eva Green in the James Bond movies. Also, in my silly personal head-canon, Reukra code-named her VESPER, short for Venom Esper.

Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar - Delta Venusaur, Charizard and Blastoise respectively. Not only do their designs kinda fit the names thematically, they’re also the 3 Kings of any Insurgence playthrough.

Ionix - Delta Gardevoir. Combination of Ion and Nix, with Nix being the Latin for snow.

Sirius - Shiny Lucario. My first “real” Insurgence shiny, got him from Holon Pyramid with an Adamant nature and stoked to use him in my team. Named after the brightest star in the night sky, Sirius. Which coincidentally also means “Dog Star”, perfect for our loyal doggo companion.

Gloriosa - Delta Hydreigon. Named after one of the most poisonous plants in existence, the gloriosa lily.

Lunafreya - Delta Roserade. Stolen from Final Fantasy XV. Being our “dark moon” Pokémon, I thought it fit her nicely.

Icingdeath - Delta Scyther. Named after Drizzt Do’Urden’s famous frost scimitar, of Forgotten Realms/RA Salvatore fame. If I had a female one, I’d name her Twinkle instead (which was the name of Drizzt’s other scimitar).

Severus - Delta Bisharp. Kinda named after Professor Snape of Harry Potter, because he “severs” foes with his sharp blades. Also because he’s green like Slytherin.

DessertClaw - Delta Crustle (Cake). Too bad DessertStorm doesn’t fit.

Archaios - Delta Metagross (Ruin). From the Greek work archaios meaning “ancient”.

Invictus - Delta Arcanine. From the poem. Latin for “unconquerable”.

Ozymandias - Delta Lucario. From the Greek name of Rameses, famous Egyptian pharaoh.

Love to hear everyone’s nicknames, let’s borrow each others’ ideas. Lmao

these nicknames are so cool. I got one for normal volcarona its SunRaze its a play on Sun Rays as its said that volcarona can act as the sun and Raze kinda meaning destroy bc it destroy a lot of trainers for me

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Thanks lol, I’m embarrassed to say I sometimes spend the whole day flip-flopping between nicknames until one “feels right”. Lol.

Ohhh SunRaze is good, I think I’m gonna borrow that for a subsequent playthrough. I’ve been stuck with giving my regular Volcarona some variant of Seraph or Seraphim (because of the 6 wings and all), but I always like clever puns like yours.

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I don’t use many nicknames, but when I do, I love to pick them from the various mythologies of the world.
My personal favorite is my Nidoking named Odin: Odin is Nido backward and Odin is the King of the Aesir gods.

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Ohh that’s very clever. I love getting nickname inspirations from mythology too, but I like the extra twist of it being an anagram to Nido.

I have a theme which is kind of funny but I nickname pokemon based on move names. For example, D. Charizard is named Skullbash after the move. It also fits him being a skeleton hence, the name Skullbash

got one for D. Axew line so I think its dex entry is like it eats the hull of ships and axews line all have something to do with axes making the name USS AXE

i want a shiny delta aron, 'cause shiny delta aggron looks so cool, and i want to name him sirius, since he is also as bright (and hot) as a star. i wasn’t inspired by you, it’s just a cool nickname