YESS, how the f



FFVII winning fanfare intensify

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flex your shinies 2.0

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I thought you were leaving the Forums? Not that I’m complaining; just confused is all.
Anyway, nice! Are you going to turn it into a Space Mew?

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if youd checked my “Im leaving the forums” post again youd know im here for a limited time
Cause of Easter. Also nah, i prefer normal mew.

Easter? But that was a month ago.

Makes sense, I suppose.

Uh here we celebrated easter just now lmao. I am not from the us sir

I didn’t realize Easter took place at different dates based on the country. Sorry. I jumped to conclusions.

Makes sense.
No need to apologize. It’s not like you did anything kek

It doesn’t have to do with the country per se, but rather whatever religion people follow. Any country that isn’t predominantly roman catholic likely follows different dates for different spiritual holidays.

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