Yay, Egglocke errors

First off is this even the right place to ask?.So i decided to do an Egglocke, with stuff that i created. so i went and generated stuff all willy nilly and then i get an Error, which at that point i couldn’t be mad about because the stuff i genned were all kinds of illegal. then i fixed all of that by regenning them–without being illegal this time and then i see this

worried, then i took all the TM’s i had given to some of my stuff off thinking that would fix it, but alas it didn’t then i came here looking for other threads for help and i DID extract the Data folder and whatnot and i’m still having this problem. At this point i’m lost. what do?

Egglockes are kinda broken right now. I don’t recommend trying them until the full release.

Randomly generated Egglockes seem to be working just fine thought, which is part why this is bothering me that this is acting like this

Just stay away from at least generated egglockes. In my experience they tend to crash every time you catch a pokémon.

Well, thats just stupendous.

I believe you put the generated LEGAL (I’m not sure if it has to be legal to be honest) Pokemon in a file titled “Eggs”.

Or maybe rename the file to egglocke or Egglocke.

Well, i just now renamed the file to “egglocke” and it worked, (on the file with held TMs too). well that’s more simple than i thought it would be

though now i see THIS when trying to close the PC…

Then yeah, I guess it is glitched. :frowning: