Xbox One Controller Possible?

Hey guys!

Is it possible to play Insurgence with an Xbox One controller? I use a mac. Id love to be able to hook this up to my TV and go to town, haha

Not natively unfortunately, there are several programs you can use to make controllers emulate keyboard keys though.

Perhaps this might be of use to you!

There is a common program called XPadder which allows you to create custom keybinds, controller configs and even toggles for buttons which can indeed work with an XBox controller, the UI is pretty simple to use and looks rather like this

If this is your thing you can find the last freeware version made available to the public here, that will work fine however the author decided to charge for future updates which can be purchased here.

Hope this’ll help you out! And Indeed it does work with Insurgence

-Edit- I just saw that you use a Mac, so the above would not work, woops!

Thanks for the help anyways!

Give this a shot: