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X-Delta Klefki

Delta Klefki: (Grass/Fairy)

The Wreath Band Pokemon

Ability: Praknster

Hidden ability: Infiltrator

Delta Klefki

Dex Entry: Delta Klefki is said to bring good fortune to the charitable and can often be found outside orphanages and donation bins.
Dex Entry 2: Delta Kelfki’s festive exterior allows it to lure children out into the woods, in some cases Delta Klefki can be seen spinning it’s band in a circle putting children in a trance.

Klefki Shiny Poll!

  • Golden Wreath
    Delta Klefki Shiny
  • Bloody Holiday
    Delta Klefki Shiny
  • The Void

    Delta Klefki Shiny

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I really like this! The sprite is well done and the idea is wonderful!

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Hey, would you like your design to be featured in another fangame? One that takes place in the same fan universe as Pokemon Insurgence?

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I would probably need to know a bit more about this fan-game. Feel free to DM me.