X-Delta Hoppip Line

My newest creation the Delta Hoppip line!!! Hoppip just doesn’t get enough love </3

Delta Hoppip (Fairy/Dragon) V0.7
The Immortal Pokemon
Ability: Cute Charm or Prankster
Hidden Ability: Magic Guard

Dex Entry: Delta Hoppip with gather in groups and spend all day playing ring toss with each other’s tails. People have noted that Delta Hoppip never seems to age and play endlessly.

Delta Skiploom (Fairy/Dragon) V0.4
The Wounded pokemon
Ability: Unaware or Prankster
Hidden Ability: Magic Guard

Dex Entry: Despite living forever some of Delta Skiploom’s wounds will not heal leaving permanent scarring. Each level is a year of Delta skiploom’s life!

Delta Jumpluff (Fairy/Ghost) V0.2
The Radical Pokemon
Ability: Unnerve or Prankster
Hidden Ability: Anti Guard

Dex Entry: Having had it’s mind rot way it goes around mumbling things into people’s ears, some claim that these are eternal truths that Delta Jumpluff has learned throughout it’s life. That or it’s happy because it’s lost all sensations upon evolving.

Anti Guard: Any Immunities this pokemon had now do x8 extremely effective and all other move types do 1/2 damage. (Added on to any pre-existing type advantages or disadvantages) Any move that reaches 1/8th effective become Immunitys (in this case Bug type)

Shiny Ver.


Looks like patomon from digimon. so i like it