X-Delta Clawitzer

This is actually more dead than I thought, I mean the last message in the Delta Suggestion Thread is from a year ago. Though I guess that’s to be expected of a finished game that isn’t implementing any more deltas. Though Boro seems to be single handedly holding up the entire fanbase XD

Anyways… It’s crime time baby!!! Let’s welcome the newest Ne’er-do-well Clawitzer! That’s right I wanted a crime pokemon, a little guy who just robs, thieves, and eventually does arsonist things.

Delta Clauncher (Dark)
The GUN Pokemon
Ability: Mega Launcher
Dex Entry: Many trainers find this Delta Pokemon after it has broken into their house looking for valuables.
Alt Dex Entry: It apricates shiny things, so much so that it will rob trainers using it’s gun-like arm.

Delta Clawitzer (Dark / Fire)
The Cannoneer Pokemon
Ability: Mega Launcher
Dex Entry: Oftentimes people will wake up to their home in flames, when tying to escape they may find a Delta Clawitzer lighting it up via flamethrower.
Alt Dex Entry: Delta Clawitzer has moved past the desire for valuables, firing off cannonballs purely for the sake of violence.

It wouldn’t be an X-Delta without a Clawitzer Shiny Poll!

  • Glass Cannon
  • Toxic Night
  • Party Cannon
  • Shadow Soul

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I Love Your Artstyle/ColorScheme Ngl
What Software Do You Use?

I use Gimp software, it’s free. But I change a few things to make it work well.
I just make a really small canvas, set the brush to one pixel, and set the eraser to hard edge.
Then when I’m done, I’ll scale the image up via percentages (200% or something) and set the interpol to none.

I Normally Use Pixilart For My Art Although I Actually Was Thinking About Using Gimp

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Amazing to have the real you back!