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Wt? LF2 comes to Pkm. World (Delta Gengar Line) ?!



Hi Guys. This is my second post about Delta Pokemon. I hope this may come true in future.


Signature Moves:


Name: Spite Punch
Category: Physical
Contest: Tough
Power: 75
Accuracy: 50`
PP: 10 (Max: 10)
Target: 1(enemy at any position)
Description: The user unleashes its grudge on his punch, and cut around 4¬8 PP of randomly one of the enemy’s 4 moves

Name: Ghost Ball
Category: Special
Contest: Cool
Power: 45
Accuracy: 65
PP: 20 (Max: 30)
Target: 2¬3 enemy at any position
Description: Attacks the enemy(ies) 2¬3 times, then probably makes them confused.


Question, what is this inspired from? Also, why are the two moves so inaccurate?


Dear MasterHideout:

It is inspired by a folk PC game in Hong Kong called Little Fighter, and Julian is one of the popular characters in the game. I know this can be treated as plagiarism, and must not exist in the game. However, I just want to arouse more discussion, and with reference to the line of Gastly to Gengar, its body gets to be more human-like, so if there is an upper evolution stage existed on Gengar, I believe the body should be more concrete (or to present this property by increasing muscles :thinking: ?).

Then, for the inaccuracy of the two moves, the reason is based on the balance of power over all the other moves; if the first move cuts more PP than Spite, and regarding its indefinite target, I think some restriction should be imposed. Then, for the second move, since it attacks the target 2 times or more, the total power may be 45 x 2~3 = 90~135, it is a bit too high, and this doesn’t include the confusion effect (self-damage).