Wowee pardner is that a shiny giveaway

Trading Name: Dechozen101



Smogon certified nanners.

Request: Get all of my stupid questions correct. The winner is whoever gets all 20 correct first. If nobody gets them in the time frame, I release it.

Further info: Y’all got a bit more than 2 weeks. First one to get em all right wins. You must PM me your answers. Edit them and you’re disqualified. I end the giveaway on my birthday, October 4.

Here are the questions

Question 1) Which town is London’s Brother in?

Question 2) Who wrote “Rain teams and YOU”

Question 3) What is the government supposedly hiding from the population, according to an unnamed book?

Question 4) What is the title of the book at makes you think that the top floor of the library is truly filled with horrific books?

Question 5) What is my Favorite Shiny?

Question 6) What book did E4 Kayla write?

Question 7) What is Tobias’s occupation and what book did he write?

Question 8) What can you trade a Druddigon for?

Question 9) What is my favorite delta?

Question 10) How do you get to the “Oort Cloud Object”?

Question 11) What is Yuki’s sexuality :^) (Yes this is a serious question)

Question 12) How much money does Camper Joey give?

Question 13) Mew, Celebi, Shaymin, Manaphy, Victini. What Pixie requires you to have all these pokemon?

Question 14) What does pot of greed do?

Question 15) What is my favorite pokemon? You only need one of my two favorites.

Question 16) What does Sleepy say when you beat her in battle?

Question 17) What is the favorite racer of the Sonata Races this year, according to an NPC?

Question 18) Which feature in the Pokegear was removed in 1.2 when it became the DexNav?

Question 19) What is Adam’s hair color?

Question 20) Which town has the “Insufferable” wooper?

List of nerds who failed




Also I’d appreciate if nobody discussed the answers. That ain’t cool, dawg.

To discord users, PM me on discord instead of the forums so you don’t have to get to trust level 2

Not answering the questions, but oh shit we got the same birthday

Happy birthday to us :+1:

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I will not tell you which questions you got wrong. Also a freebie because the questions about me are probably a little too bullshit. My favorite Pokémon is eevee, delta bisharp is my favorite delta and shiny. The previous two entries had questions outside of those wrong anyway to so shush…


This is actually evil xD.

Well if you want a free shiny you should work for it.

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IMG_1693 just putting this here

Nice static image, pardner.

Oh shit sleepy won

To curious nerds, here are the answers.

  1. Nexa
  2. Jaden
  3. A large deepsea creature
  4. “Dubbed anime and why it isn’t as bad as you think”
  5. Delta Bisharp
  6. Guide to Baton Pass
  7. Champion after Reukra left, “New Moon Guide”
  8. A cyndaquil holding a typlosionite
  9. Delta Bisharp
  10. Mysterious spire after completing the dex
  11. A trans woman.
  12. $384
  13. UFI
  14. It allows me to draw 2 cards from my deck and put them in my hand.
  15. Leafeon/Eevee
  16. Jump off a cliff. A very steep cliff.
  17. Rapidash
  18. Jukebox
  19. It depends on the color hair you chose at the beginning of the game matching yours.
  20. Narra

Sleepy took too long.

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