Wow. This is epic

Wow. I am in the forums. Well…

My name is Vihaan, and I didn’t actually know that I would be trading so I made my game acc my real life account name. I am living in America, specifically California. I have loved Pokémon all my life, and I even have multiple packs to show for it. I am not too interesting, but one time I almost got hit by a bus trying to save a cat. I also had a shiny darkrai GX card, but it got stolen from me when I was playing a game with some kids in school. The took it after they lost. I couldnt get it back, which was really sad. I also had a “girlfriend” in first grade, which just meant sacrificing all my recess time in playing with her. I have also been trapped inside a boys bathroom by 3 girls with basketballs trying to kill me. Yea!

jesus christ
also welcome, hope you stay here for a while

Thanks, I really like these forums, and also everyone is kind! I am not leaving anytime soon!

damn u have social interactions?
smh since i moved i have no kids around my age except the neighbor who’s a girl…

Nice to meet you. Welcome to the Forums!

Do I want to know how that happened? But either way, I feel you. I have an… overzealous fan club that did something similar.

Arguable. But it’s better now than in the past.

What’s wrong with that? One of my best friends is a girl. No, it is not romantic; I’m Ace and she’s gay, so…

i dont do well with girls

What, do you have gynophobia or something? Or do you just feel awkward?


What? What did I do?


Seriously, stop what? Teasing, posting, or something else?

I think he mean stop asking so many questions


It wasnt anything bad, but they embaressed each other, and they took it out on me because we were enimies at the time.

Hah, yea I have lots of kind ppl in my neighborhood, and most of them are like 6-14

Oh. Sorry.

Ah. Displacement. Always fun.

Yeah, pretty fun.

But I was also kinda scared for my life cuz they were actually holding me back from coming back home, so I was trapped there while the school principal was looking for me.