Would like a trapinch for my nuzlocke run

Trading Name: Shelf

Offer: Delta Bulbasaur (just started the nuzlocke)

Request: Trapinch (maybe with his mega stone?)

Further info: please let me know via discord if you want to trade Bradorita#0402

I would like to trade if you have a male one. (i got the female one and wanted the male for the completion of delta dex (all the delta pokemon))

I’ve only got the female one sorry😥

np i’ll still take it…

Ok sweet I’ll be on in a moment

im sorry but i am in the middle of going against calreath, it’ll just be like 3 mins

Totally fine :blush:

almost done :slight_smile:

and done!

Awesome! My in game name is Bradoriita

My trading name is lordpumpkin no space

Thank you!

No problemo. i had 3 lol

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