Would Insurgence work properly on a GPD Win 2?

Hi guys! Just wanna ask, has anyone played Insurgence on a GPD Win 2? I’m looking into buying one and one of the games I really want to play on it is Insurgence. The GPD Win 2 has a native resolution of 1280x720. Supposedly, RPG Maker games require 1024x768 resolution. I’m wondering if Insurgence will play correctly on a GPD Win 2?


Honestly. It might, no clue I play on Mac

In sure it’ll have no problem running it because the GPD Win 2 is powerful for its size. My concern is it might cut off the screen, because googling shows me that 768 is the requirement for the height of the screen for RPG Maker games, but the GPD only has 720.

you can adjust the screen size in game so I think that won’t cause any problems

Thanks! Unfortunately I don’t have a laptop or PC to test with. Would’ve wanted to test play the game while changing the res to 1280x720.