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Would finishing the dex again be worth it?

So there are a lot of legends I really want to hunt, and I was thinking:
Why not finish the dex again? it wouldn’t be that hard you’ve done it once.

So my question is would it be worth it finishing the dex again?


I guess, double completionist?

I can help you with some of the legends if you want :smiley:

oh really? thanks a ton lol, do you want some IV stones or dream mists from my main?

Nah, i don’t need those

Do you like need anything? bc I don’t want to just use your time like that lmao

I have nothing to do besides finish the dex myself

I can help you w/ that if you want

nah its fine, i just need to do the normal mons, I have all the legends registered except delta hoopa, which ima get rn

ok cool, can you lmk when you want to tt?

Sure, maybe in 30 minutes

If that is okay for you

yea lol I don’t mind

Totally, you are going to raise your chances by half by doing so, it’ll make everything so much easier.

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And hey, having 2 diploma isn’t bad either.


But the pain to get it ma man. I will never try.