World Championship/Battle Sand-box Mode

I’d Like to suggest a World Championship mode much like BW2 , so that we get to battle all the gym leaders from all the regions , and apart from having all the gym leaders would be cool that in world championship mode we got to battle all the professors,villains,rivals,friends Elite Four and the Champions from all the Pokemon regions , and last but not least a sand-box mode that could be incorporated in the World Championship mode , so that we get to choose the trainers we want to battle , choose their Pokemon (from the entire Pokedex) and choose our Pokemon as well from all the Pokemon available.

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I’d think that would take a little bit too much time. I don’t think the people behind Insurgence are tons of super experienced developers.

In thesuzrains previous games, pokemon zeta and omicron, there was something like this, the challenge championship. I would write more,but my keybard is gitching out.


It would be an awesome post-game feature for sure :wink:

Isn’t that what the place in Roggan Town is going to be? The thing that’s inaccessible right now? Or is that just something similar?

Well , yes i just started playing though , the game is awesome , its inaccessible right now right? we have to wait for the update , still it would be awesome if they would add a sandbox to it , and battles against all elite fours , all world champions , villains etc.

i REALLY like this idea! Both of those features can serve as challenges AND great postgame content to sink time into it! If we also had an online Battle Frontier interaction then DAMN that would make you WANT to continue doing stuff after the you’re done with all the content,become more competitive/prone to test fun stuff and make the game almost wither-proof.

Hope we see any/some of those features implemented and keep up the good work :smiley: