[Work In Progress] Insurgence Damage Calculator

I edited an existing damage calculator to work for Insurgence (I’m bad with introductions)


Delta Pokemon added

New Mega Evolutions added

Most new abilities added

New Moon weather condition added

Pokemon can go up to level 120

4/4/17- Smogon sets for Gen VI added

Work in Progress

Add new moves

Finish unique abilities (Heliophobia, Foundry, Ice Cleats, Pendulum, and Winter Joy not completed)

Clean up the screen (Fix auto-level marker, make default mode singles, etc.)

If you have any feedback or if you found any bugs (90% of this was done by copy-pasting and editing other stuff) you can report them below.

This can be accessed at https://awildnoob.github.io/insurgence-damagecalc/
Github page at https://github.com/AWildNoob/insurgence-damagecalc


Dude that’s awesome (earlier for casual calcs I was just changing the base stats) and really helpful. I heard about when you were working about this and all of it got deleted but nice to see you rebuilt it!

Update: I fixed the default teams. You should be able to choose default Gen VI sets from the calculator now. I started working on some sets for Delta Pokemon, but they are only random meta guesses and are not necessarily good (except for the Delta Sunkern set).

Hey, I couldn’t figure out how to import my own sets for Delta Pokémon, I tried many different variants for the name with no success. Could I get an example of a set for a Delta Pokémon so I can see how it’s meant to be imported properly? Thanks