Wonder Challenge

What is a wonder challenge

A challenge mode format that wonder trades the pokemon you catch as soon as you catch them.

so when i start the wonder challenge and get my starter it just says preparing to wonder trade any clue on what to do? sorry i have been looking online and finding no help

It means it is wait and trying to find someone on wonder trade to get a Pokemon from. You just have to wait it out.

oh okay, it just takes a very long time

im still not able to do the wonder challenge it just sits on the preparing to wonder trade… i let it sit for an hour.

It’s because you can only wondertrade with other people on a wonderlocke. Because the amount of people playing a wonderlocke isn’t awfully amazing, you’re gonna get these kinda of issues.

okay that makes sense.

here if you like I can do a wonder lock so you have pokemon

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@nutuse1 im doing a wonderlocke can you help?

help pls

yes I can help sorry left for a bit @Sawyer1200

hello i am trying to do a wonderlock but it won’t let me i’m guessing no one is doing the wonderlock challanges?