Winning The Races... How?

Because the race offers TMs I cannot get anywhere else nor is there confirmation I can EVER earn them anyother way even when the full game is released (and given what they are, some of them are useful).

Do any of you have good strategies to consistently win those races? I never won once… I always either come in 3rd or 4th.

whats tms u get

This is the route that I started off with, I’d usually win with around 40 seconds.

With this route, I’d get around 38 seconds, though the turns take a little while to get used to.

Here’s yet another route(credit to thatpowderguy and 1ofthe4rocketbros), though I haven’t got the hang of it

I find the flower fields easier but here’s the golden sands track.

Edit: The rewards aren’t working properly though. Neither the item rewards nor the multipliers work.

TM74 Gyro Ball 6.66 %

TM75 Swords Dance 6.66 %

TM81 X-Scissor 6.66 %

TM83 Shock Wave 6.66 %

TM85 Dream Eater 6.66 %

omg sd

WOW!!! the entire left side is a trap

I’m fairly sure that you won’t be able to get the tms as they aren’t working

I made an account just because I tested your statement. You should be happy to hear that as of me posting this comment (May 2021), the tms work! You just have to check for rewards after EVERY SINGLE RACE, which is a pain, as money stacks but items don’t. However, you can also save before talking to the sponsor NPC and soft reset to change the loot she gives you.

Ice Path. Always.

There are several spots in which the ai will get stuck, either moving back and forth to no avail or just straight up stuck.
But even without that, the path I have has consistently given me 1st place with a time of 21-26 seconds, mostly due to the bugginess of ice.
You tend to move slightly faster than the camera can keep up with, and the ai remains unaffected by it. Furthermore, if you’re under the effects of a boost panel and slide on ice, the game may struggle to compute speed and, after a second, teleport you to the next obstacle you would bump into. (may not work the same on all devices but who am I to know)

(path I take in red, places ai tend to get stuck in white)
Hope this helps to anybody new and everybody willing enough to look for an answer!