Wind noise during wild battles

During wild battles it will play this wierd wind like noise that is as loud as the song itself, is there a way to fix this

It’s actually in the ogg file, inssomethnhg.ogg

I can send you an uncorrupted version of the file from an earlier version of the game. That’s what I used to fix it

im also having this issue id like to know how to fix it

Hey there,
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Alright, there are 2 versions of the song. One of them is the “clean” one, without the wind noises, but with drums. This one is used for trainer battles. The other one is without drums, but with the wind, that’s the one used for wild encounters. The wind is part of the audio file itself, so you can’t actually remove it from the song.
What you can do is replace the song itself.
If you want to do that, you will want to go to wherever your game is installed, then go to the Audio map, inside open the BGM (BackGroundMusic) map, and look for the two songs I mentioned.
The one with the wind noises is called inssomethnhg
You will want to rename it (or delete, but then it’s gone so I don’t recommend that). I renamed it inssomethnhg-backup
The “clean” one is called trainergeneric
Copy that one, so you’ll have two, and change the name of the copy to inssomethnhg
Now you should have a version without wind, and with drums, play during wild encounters.

Hope that helped

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yes it did thank you!