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Willing to trade Shiny D. Snivy

Trading Name: Gabriel09

Offer: Calm nature Shiny D. Snivy

Request: Another shiny Pokémon but mainly want a Shiny D. Phantump

Further info: won’t be online until around 10am on Nov 13th

Would you perhaps be interested in a shiny Delta Blastoise? I would trade you mine if you’re interested. I also have a shiny Delta Wartortle if you’d rather have a lower level Delta Pokémon. If not, then don’t worry, I understand.

Yeah I will do it. When you going to be on and what is your trading name

Great, thanks! Do you want the Delta Blastoise or the Delta Wartortle? Also, my trading name is Chrisca.

Oh I miss your message what time zone you in and when r u on

I live in Denmark, so my time zone is GMT+1. And I can be online now if you can. Again, which do you want? Delta Blastoise or Delta Wartortle? :slight_smile:

I miss your message again, what time you usually get on and when is that for me, I’m ET

I can be on now. How about you?

I can get own now

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