Willing to offer my Mega concepts

I am willing to offer some of my Mega/Primal concepts that I made for free, mainly because I would love to see how they would play out in a Pokémon game, rather then just theoretically. I uploaded them to Deviant Art for the world to see, and I go by the username “Aceling5”. I will confirm it is me by making a note listing several of my online aliases.

Suggested Mega’s/Primals; Mega Rhyperior: Type: Ground/Rock Weight: 829.4lbs Ability: Tectonic Stats: HP: 115(+0) Attack: 190(+50) Defence: 150(+20) Special Attack: 25(-30) Special Defence: 125(+70) Speed: 30(-10) Base Stat Total: 635 *Tectonic Reduces damage taken from lighter opponents. *Note: a Pokemon that is 1/4 or less the weight of Mega Rhyperior will do 1/4 damage. Note: a Pokemon that is in between 1/4 and 3/4 of it’s weight deals 1/2 damage. Note: a Pokemon that is in between 3/4 and 5/4 of it’s weight deals 1 damage. Note: a Pokemon that is over 1.25 Mega Rhyperior’s weight will deal 1.5 damage.

Mega Krookodile: Type: Ground/Dark Ability: Adaptability Stats: HP: 95(+0) Attack: 155(+38) Defence: 130(+50) Special Attack: 45(-20) Special Defence: 80(+10) Speed: 114(+22) BST: 619

Mega Crobat: Type: Poison/Flying Ability: Gale Wings Stats: HP: 85(+0) Attack: 140(+50) Defense: 90(+10) Special Attack: 70(+0) Special Defense: 90(+10) Speed: 160(+30) Total: 635 Learns a few new moves: Brave Bird: Now learnable at Lv.58 Gunk Shot: Tutor

If you are interested in using others feel free to check out my DA http://aceling5.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=0

jesus christ that mega rhyperior is overpowered.

Yea nothing can stop that thing lol

Also, why gale wings if it has Base 160 speed? I mean its not like theres much it cant outspeed with that

Mega Rhyperior is way too OP. The only Pokémon heavy enough to deal full damage are Groudon, Mega Metagross, Mega Steelix, Giratina (both forms), and Zygarde Complete. The only Pokémon which deals 1.5x damage is Primal Groudon. Earthquake 2HKOs both Mega Metagross and Mega Steelix.

Yeah I understand Rhyperior is way off the charts OP. I made it one day I was pissed and copy pasted the info… Lemme tweak the weight of that big boi.

As for Gale Wings, Talonflame is already fast as hell, yet priority is extremely useful for revenge killing. Having priority alone can often be counter-acted by an opponent who has equal or higher speed and is using priority as well. It lacks bulk and has no damage boosting ability(or to my knowledge any setup) or item, so if I recall it hits less hard then Smogonbird that can choose to be banded or run SD. It still is very strong and has plenty of utility. Gale Wings with it’s speed allows it to be an effective revenge killer but not the best sweeper or attacker.

Still, that thing has crazy defences, and the ability still has it as a immovable tank.

I disagree with mega krookodiles ability. moxie made it extremely useful for sweeping, and taking that away, and replacing it with adaptability is kind of stupid. adaptability doesn’t seem nearly as useful as moxie. maybe you know something I don’t, but I really don’t get why you would remove moxie, and add adaptability.

You don’t always have to mega evolve on the first turn. You could get a free kill with Moxie, and then Mega Evolve the next turn to deal massive damage. After only 1 Moxie boost, this thing OHKOs a 252/0 Mega Steelix with Earthquake.

ok,see, that makes sense. thanks for telling me.

I agree though. In the anime, Krookodile obviously had a “personality” that fitted moxie, so did its design. So taking away moxie is sorta like taking away it’s character

the anime and the games should never be directly compared. they’re two different things. trying to use a personality from the show will just create another Pikachu.