Will this team function

I don’t exactly have the game yet because computer needs repairs. But I did some research and I wonder will the team I created will function like I hope it will.

D. Lopunny D. Lopunnite Fighting (ME: Fighting psychic) Jolly

Drain punch Psycho cut Ice punch Bullet punch

D.Luxray Weakness policy Poison steel Adamant Poison touch Earthquake Gunk shot Iron head Iron defense

D. Blastoise Leftovers Dark/fighting Modest Spirits call New moon Lunar cannon Sludge wave Shadow ball

D.Roserade Assault vest Dark/fairy Modest Shadow dance Dark pulse Drain kiss Moonblast Heatwave

D.Bisharp Life orb Flying/Fighting Adamant Wind force Thunder punch Drain punch Blaze kick Sky drop

D.snorlax Leftovers Grass Sassy Adaptability Earthquake Drain punch Thunder punch Synthesis.

I don’t know what delta lopunny’s abilities were because I couldn’t find any information about it. So I assume that it’s abilities are scrappy or justified.

This is not a good competitive team. It seems like 6 random Deltas thrown together. Building a team is more than that. You need to focus on how the team works together and how to cover each others weaknesses. In your team, I can easily see a massive Fairy weakness and a coverage move + Delta Luxray is not enough to cover that. I would start over from scratch and build around 1 or 2 Pokemon to start with.

Okay. Let me rethink my team. I’m gonna keep delta lopunny and delta blastoise