Will Switching Change Stats

Hello I have a Doubt . I have a Scizor with Swords Dance .

I Sword Danced Two Times . Then my opponent switched to fire type Pokemon .

I switched Scizor and allowed Lapras to battle it . Lapras won . But his next pokemon crushed Lapras .

If I switch to Scizor again will Swords Dance be in effect or will the two swords dance were wasted

Switching disables all stat boosts. Your scizor will have no boosts


Thank You Very Much

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That is essentially the strategy called PHaze. PHaze stands for Pseudo-Haze. Haze is a move that cancel all stats changes, so Pseudo-Haze has exactly the same objective, but in a different manner. Pseudo-Haze is the use of Whirlwind, Dragon Tail, Roar or moves like that to force the opponent to switch and wast their stats boost. Common users are Hippodown, Tankchomp or some defensive Swamperts variants.

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