Will Relic Song ever be easier to get?

I just finished with the elite four and timeless and I’m starting Orion’s quest. In the alpha temple you are basically required to get meloetta to continue with the questline. Getting meloetta is both frustrating and time consuming and really deters me from continuing the post game considering on how pain staking getting meloetta is right now. I think we should get an encounter with meloetta to learn relic song, but need to do the puzzles to catch it. I really don’t plan on continuing on in the post game until getting relic song isn’t such a pain.

then dont continue, its your problem, but remember the story and game is already finished, they wont do nothing more, just bug fixes.

Use this guide, I was able to solve the sliding puzzles really quickly thanks to it (some of them under 90 seconds even) http://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Solve-The-15-Puzzle/

Catching legendaries aren’t meant to be easy.

You don’t need relic song to progress through the story.

You don’t even need to catch Meloetta, just battle it. You’ll have its DNA for Mew to use Relic Song even if you don’t catch it.