Will Primal Dialga be in Pokemon Insurgence?

Will Primal Dialga be in Pokemon Insurgence?

It is official after all… http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Primal_Dialga

just cause it’s official doesn’t mean it will make it in game. Shadow Lugia is a thing but it’s not gonna make it in either because that was from another spinoff game.


We’re getting more primals for sure, it was confirmed

im kinda hoping for primal arceus or primal kyruem

It’s basically impossible to make Primal Arceus not completely overpowered.

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I agree.

Battle maybe? :slight_smile:

i Feel like that would be the point of primal arceus

OP Pokemon over-centralize the metagame. Any Primal Arceus would probably be banned to AG, which is dominated by broken strategies and not really fun. If obtained before the end of the game, it makes everything super easy. If obtained after the end of the game, it’s completely pointless because it’ll never be used to its full potential.

Sorry if it feels like I’m rushing you I just really want to finish this tournament @A_Wild_Noob_Appeared

Busy today, sorry. I’m 90% sure I can do it tomorrow.

Oh, okay.

The Japanese name for Primal Dialga was dark dialga iirc so it isn’t a primal form, it was a corrupt form caused by the disturbances in time.