Wild Shiny Encounter during an Egglocke

Er, hi, I created an account just so I could ask this question.

I recently started an Egglocke, without Nuzlocke rules, and captured a shiny Roggenrola in Cyan Cavern. I would love to use it on my team, but like usual, it’s been transformed into an Egg Token.

Is there any known way to remove the Egg Token label from this Pokemon so I could use it in battle? I’ve tried renaming it and restoring its health in the PC, but neither of those worked.

I understand this is a bit of a long-shot, but I don’t want my full-odds Shiny encounter to go to waste. I’m still very early in the game, I haven’t even beaten the first gym yet, and if it helps at all, I’m playing on version 1.2.3.

Thank you for your time.

Nope. Egg Tokens are useless.