Why not infernape?

SO there is a list of starters that are very popular (Excluding Charizard because he is over-loved). It is Sceptile for Grass, Greninja for water, and Infernape for fire. All of them have either have Deltas, a Mega evolution, and maybe even both. Except for Infernape. They should add a mega infernape or a delta infernape. It deserves more love.
delta infernape
These are my favorite designs


Greninja doesn’t have a mega, also they are not going to be making any new pokemon for the games as that would be a lot of work. Besides that, I really like the designs.

Sorry I meant to say either a delta etc

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and also I just thought it would be nice to see. I already know they won’t

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Oh ok, believe me, I’d want to see new deltas as well.