Why is there a Xatu inside my Delta Muk's mouth?

Title Says it all

I am also thinking thiz.There are also some other d.muk sprites with other pkmn inside.I think it indicates that its a poke eater

Lol :smile:

My Delta Muk has a Deino

From 1.2, delta muk’s secondary ability was changed to Regurgitation(which was its previous hidden ability) and it’s hidden ability to Water absorb.

The sprites were updated to reflect this change, your pokemon has regurgitation right?

does that mean that after I attack each time a xatu will do an extra attack for me?

Yes, an extra dark type attack

Any specific dark attack or is it random?

Random I think

Any idea on the damage it does?

No, test it yourself against the level trainer or something

Ok thanks, any chance of a delta muk having a legendary inside it?

Probably not. I don’t have a muk with regurgitate, so I’m not the best person to as

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I guess they will put in on the wiki hopefully, thanks for the hep :slight_smile:

The only pokemon that can appear inside are horsea, magby, bellsprout, natu, whismur, and deino.