Why is my insurgence lagging?

ok so me and my friends that i will not name are playing pokemon insurgence in a discord screen share call and both their pokemon insurgence’s run smoother and faster than mine and i don’t know why any throes ?

If you’re on mac, it’s naturally slower due to it being “emulated” of Wineskin. You may also have too many applications running in the background as Insurgence is optimized fairly poorly.

ok so i stopped any background apps as i possibly could but it is still lagging and im using the windows version of insurgence

As I said, it was poorly optimized. Especially so in certain parts like metchi town which seem to be super slow for everyone. Not much you can really do about those I think.

also we have run into a problem one of my friends starter pokemon the deltas all of them are regular so he cant get the pokemon he wants is there any way to fix it? other than restarting the game.

They turned on purity mode. Tell them to go into a pokemon center, press x to open the menu, go to options, and turn purity mode off.

ok it worked also anytime i have a problem i really appreciate you helping me thank u X3