Why is Female Meowstic Always Neglected?

I am a female meowstic fan, but I feel like she is always broken in these games.
In this game Insurgence, her spirit is invisible:https://i.imgur.com/XbxAcR2.png and she doesn’t even have the right hidden ability, she has the male one:https://i.imgur.com/qXD9CNl.png.

This even happened in the older game Zeta/Omicron where her spirit was invincible
and her hidden ability was wrong.
So why is she always broken and is there any way to fix her?

Pokemon species with different forms can be annoying to deal with because the amount that each form differs from their base form varies drastically from species to species. I can’t think of another species that differs as much as Meowstic does. So essentially what this means is that in the code, you have to specifically define everything that is different for female Meowstic, which leads to a lot of things being overlooked unless they’re brought to our attention.

The only exception for this is the follower sprite, where the system that was being used for distinguishing between male and female sprites was completely broken. This issue has already been fixed.

There rest of these issues I will fix now that they have been brought to my attention.

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Thanks you for the reply.
You say the follower sprite issue has already bean fixed, so can you give me a link to where this patch is?
I am using the version 1.2.3 with the patch that was below it.

The patch in question has not been released yet. I hope to have it available soon but there are still many bugs to fix unfortunately.

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