Why does my Pokemon hate me?

I started a randomized playthrough of the game, and I got an Arceus as a starter. Almost every time I go to talk to it it says something along the lines of it hating to travel with me. I know that the pokemon don’t start out with max friendship points, but on my previous playthrough my bulbasaur always just said it didn’t know how it felt. I know that once i raise the friendship points it will stop hating me, but why does it start hating me? Is it just because of the fact that its a legendary?

A large portion of legendaries start off with 0 friendship in the core series games, of which Arceus is included. I guess Nintendo did this to sort of indicate how they aren’t exactly fond of going from being gods of their domains to obeying a human’s commands.

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Oh okay. I didn’t know that. Does make sense though. Thank you! <(o^v^o)>

ok. Does that apply to to kirlia aswell? I leveld it up twice and even gave it a nickname (if that makes a difference) and it hates me. Also how do you effectively increase friendship points?

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I’ll answer your question regardless…

Kirlia has a base friendship of 35 (very low) according to Bulbapedia, a very useful resource. You can easily raise friendship once in Helios City, which is around the 3rd gym. There, you can find the Department Store and buy friendship raising berries from the cashier at the right, inside the third floor. They will raise friendship to maximum after 20~ or so berries at the cost of losing 10 EVs of your choice, depending on which berries you buy. EVs cannot drop below 0, so just lower whatever EV is the lowest or if possible, 0.