Who's the best starter?

Who’s the best delta starter to pick at the start. What i mean is who’s the best for type coverage and stats. I hope someone can tell me.

I think D.Bulbasaur is the best but i was using D.Squirtle before and i heard that he’s the worst delta starter. I also heard that D.Charmander isn’t really good without he’s mega evolution but the problem is, if i take D.Bulbasaur, i won’t be able to get the mega stone and it will be hard to get the starter.

I just want to know who’s the best delta starter and if i need to get 1,2 or the 3 of them.

For the story with the rivals D.Bulbasaur is the best because it can counter both D. Squirtle and D.Charmander but it falls off late game because you will have a lot of good mons at that time I just picked D.Charamander without realizing it’s horrible typing and dark type moves are prominent in cult battles DD. Squirtle is ok… I guess But you will be able to get all the starters at the end of the story. Sorry for spoiling

It’s not a spoil, i already knew it but everybody in Discord says that D.Blastoise is the worst because of it’s stats.

Ok, i looked up every moves,stats,abilities and weaknesses and D.Blastoise is better than D.Charizard.

In my opinion it’s still delta venusaur. Late game, it’s mega can be an amazing staller and it will help you breeze through rival encounters. Unfortunately, it’s tankiness won’t help it through some gyms that can easily shut it down, but that’s what the other 5 slots in your party are for.

OK now i’m sure. D.Bulbasaur is the best choice.