Who wants it?

Trading Name: PiaZiaMia

Offer: Jolly Shiny Deino

Request: Bad Natured Shinies, Couple of IV Stones, Dream Mists, EV Training Drinks, or name your price

Further info:

Just please get this off my hands.

@thePotato heard you were looking for Shiny Deino…

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I can take it if you don’t want it. How many IV Stones?

3 or something. What do you think is fair?

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I can do 3.

oof jolly

When are you available?

Later today, does that work?

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Sure, just let me know. What’s your trade name? I can drop off the stones right away

Look at the main post lol

Lol, 3 hours of sleep is one heck of a drug

Alright, the IV Stones are in your mailbox

Physical Hydreigon is by no means bad, with 105 pre mega and 130 post mega. Outrage/Dragon Rush/Dragon Tail, Crunch/Knock Off, Iron Tail/EQ/Stone Edge/Zen HeadbuttSuperpower/Aqua Tail/Fangs, U-Turn/Draco Jet/Roost/Work Up(I wish it had Hone Claws)

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rip hula


darn, was busy, thanks for thinking of me tho :))

@Sbeve u too lmao


I’m sorry you missed it, If only I can get another shiny…

make another file ez

nah, its fine. it was nice that you offered anyways :))

Hey, no rush or anything, but when school lets up some, let me know when you’re able to do that trade please.

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