Who is all the all champion battlers

Who is the Champion Battlers and what i mean is it’s Champion Title Defence I think the battlers are all the Gym Leaders inculding East, Damian Nora Rekura and i forgot the rest

Why do you inculde East he’s dead well i heard someone said that East is one of these battlers not sure if this is true but i’m just putting here just to be safe …

There isn’t a champion title defense. There are Pokemon League rematches, but it is just the same elite 4 with the exception of Reukra, who is replaced by Graham and Tobias.

If you are referring to the challenge championship, it’s the Gym Leaders and Leaders from previous games, as well as champions. If I recall correctly, Damian, Nora, and Reukra do not appear again due to stating within the postgame story that they they either wish to have a fresh start (As seen with your rivals) or simply leave the region to continue research without your interference (as is the case with Reukra)

So it Inculdes E4, Gym Leaders inculding dead ones ?

gym leaders who died can be challenged as well ? weird and suspicous …

I don’t think East is dead and don’t think Adam shows up.

It was strongly implied that East is still alive during the cutscene at Nasca Town.