Who has an Eevee?

Trading Name: Derpysaga

Offer: idk

Request: An eevee (with eeveeite if possible)

Further info: i know i can find eevee with friend safari but i dont have 2nd slot access which is needed… i want an eevee so i can reach its potential… Pls idc what other evolution eevee it is.

What gym are you at? I know it’s less than six but if you need an eevite then you are at the 2nd gym or lower. Plus you need the mega ring which is coincidentally right next to the eevite.

ik i looked throughtout the wikia, i got the mega ring. but it depends on the starter u choose which mega stone there is.
im at 3rd

Oh you chose one of the deltas. Well I can lend you my phone eevite for a while until you get yours in postgame as I’m not really using mine lmao

is trading through save files illegal?
cause i might just get it thru there

No but you can’t trade directly through your own save files. I can trade whatever I want to you as long as it’s not hacked. I don’t know how to hack because I waste my time on video games and school. I don’t need my eevite. I’ll trade it to you later.

also if i breed a pokemon that isnt mine and take their baby does it listen to me? like even if i overlevel it?

alr. @Emerald241111 i cant in school cause of firewall
what time i think 1 pm?

@Emerald241111 im ready

It has your OT, and it won’t disobey.

do u have eeveeite @ezlaturbo and ok

@Emerald241111 i dont have any time to trade except for 3:30 pm to 6:00

Why’d you ping me so many times man?

why did u not awnser :cry: @Emerald241111 :sob:

Stop pinging me man. I’ll get to it when I can get to it

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