While doing liv.dex found this one

Its my 3rd shiny encounter in Insurgence (at least wild encounter…) and 1st while doing living dex, hope theres many more to come :v:

PS: nope, im not trading it :love:

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Nice! I’ve found a shiny magnemite recently. It was the second shiny i have ever found in any Pokemon game and the other being a Barand in Pokemon Uranium. Unfortunately, I couldn’t catch the Barand but I did catch the magnemite.

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Thats sweet, i also never had found a shiny mon in any game, and i´ve played a lot (since first gen) and so many times (mainly Soul Silver) :sweat_smile:

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You said that you’ve played since gen 1 and have also played soul silver which means that you have found a shiny m8. Its called a gyarados.


I am sure he meant a shiny by chance, not one that is guaranteed to be shiny.