Which starter do I pick? - Hard Mode Nuzlocke

I have a hard time deciding on which starter will help me the most in my nuzlocke. I could pick Eevee, but then the rival battles with Damian and his Mega Eevee will be very hard, and it will be very hard for me to keep my own Eevee alive by the time I reach Helios City, considering the immense difficulty of the game. So, that leaves me with the delta starters, but I have been pondering constantly on which one to pick. Some logical advice would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Delta bulbasaur.

I need a proper explanation as to why I should pick Bulbasaur over the the other starters. This is a nuzlocke, mind you.

It’s unanimously agreed to be the best starter. It works great against it’s counter, delta charmander, due to it’s fairy secondary type. Late game, it is a beastly staller.

I see. But is Delta Bulbasaur good early-game against the first few gyms and rivals?

Not especially against gym leaders, but it can deal with Damian’s delta charmander just fine.

One has to consider what’s required in this game.

If we look at the E4 a good fairy type is MANDATORY or Shadow Mewtwo will ruin you.

Imo Delta Charizard just dies too easy, it’s not fast enough even with its mega stone, with its mega stone it means any SE attack is most likely gonna be a one shot, and giving it a choice scarf means its Sp.A is good but not amazing.

Delta Venusaur has great stats with its mega and fairy typing is really helpful BUT it needs to be careful about powerful physical poison attacks. Faster Ghost Pokemon can hurt too if you’re not careful.

I haven’t tried Delta Blastoise yet but dark is a good type to have in this game too. It’s mega doesn’t seem too bad it definitely has the stats to be useful.